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Whatever happened to Kathy Kelly? Some BC fans have asked this. Kathy made an important contribution to the original "A Point Of View" album and loyal BC fans remember that. Through a couple of lucky internet coincidences we found Kathy in California. Here, mostly in her own words, is the answer to your question "whatever happened to Kathy Kelly?".

From Kathy:

"I'm in San Francisco (my home) practicing law, and not singing any more because...well, the least psychological reason is that smoking has really made it impossible (though there's always the question of why I smoke...)

While I'm really pleased that Bobby's music is still out there, I wish he had listened to me and let us do just one more take on "Lover Boy," where I'm so terribly off pitch that I think it distracts from the wonder of the tune. When I begged Bobby for another take, he said from the control room, over the mike, "Listen, I'm the Star, and I get to decide." Guess he was right about that, if not about the need for a better take!

I've been an attorney since 1990 (graduated 3rd in a class of 200 at the age of 45). My son, Evan, is a professional musician, though -- carrying on the family tradition. Evan's band is "The Room", and their debut CD has just finished production and hopefully will be in distribution within the next few months.

Funny -- Bobby wrote "No Difference At All" for my lounge act, and I could NOT sing it -- I hadn't had enough life experience to relate to the lyrics. After days and days of rehearsal, Bobby finally faced that reality and let me stop singing it in public, though it was quite a struggle for me to convince him. (Needless to say, I could sing it now if I still had the chops!)"

For those who want to learn more about Kathy's legal career click on this link to her firm's web site and click on "Attorney Profile".

If you would like to e-mail Kathy click here.

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