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The Bobby Cole Homepage

Welcome to the world of Bobby Cole!

Bobby Cole died a tragic death in a NY gutter outside of the club at which he was performing on December 19, 1997. He apparently fell, cracking his head on the curb, where he lay motionless for some time until someone finally called "911".

During his career, among his many acomplishments, he was the musical director for Judy Garland at her final Palace performance, recorded for Columbia and for years was the "house band" at Sinatra's legenday "watering hole", "Jilly's". It was there that he started to develop his cult following.

As time goes by we will be adding pictures of Bobby and other information that fans will appreciate.

This site is maintained with the help of Bobby's closest friend, Jack Lonshein and Ron Meyers, jazzman4133.

Just released. A Different Journey is pleased to present it's second release in less than a year. Like the first, "Gone....But Not Forgotten", this CD presents the work of Bobby Cole. Bobby died on December 19, 1997, but his work lives on, thanks in part to his mentor and friend, Jack Lonshein.

This is an unusual album. There are 29 tunes and one brief
piano solo, all of which are part of a rehearsal on a cold
winter's afternoon at Bobby's NYC apartment. Bobby talks
his way through the opening of each and procedes to
rehearse what you've just heard him describe. Normally
Bobby performed with a trio but here you are alone with
Bobby and his piano.

We wanted to publish this lovely letter from a fan...

"Thought you all might be interested...I left this message at

I wrote this unabashed commercial for this CD, issued in memory of a fine musician I enjoyed in my '20s. Maybe it'll help sell a few CDs and spread the unique music of Bobby Cole...

The new CD of Bobby Cole's 1964 album, "A Point of View," is WONDERFUL! I had not heard these great originals of Bobby's in 30 years, until one night DJ Tony Mowod played a cut on WDUQ-FM, Pittsburgh, PA's (great) jazz station. What a marvelous songwriter-pianist-singer Bobby Cole was. The
CD is pure excitement, beauty, darkness, talent--gorgeous music. The 12 original 1964 cuts are best; the newer ones are too "commercial" for me.

Don't miss "Status Quo," "I'm Growing Old," "You Could Hear a Pin Drop,"...oh, heck, the whole thing! Discovering the late Bobby Cole is like Discovering the late Eva Cassidy--a bittersweet experience to hear these gifted musicians and know they are gone. To order the CD, go to & e-mail them. I got a quick response, and my $20 brought the CD promptly. If you love hearing great songs from a true American original, don't miss Bobby Cole...gone but not forgotten!

Fred Schroyer
Freelance Writer / Editorial Consultant
404 North Richhill Street
Waynesburg, PA 15370
(Home) 724-627-8844
(VM) 304-599-7830 x 1120"

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The "Secret World Of Jilly Rizzo".

BC fans.....did you know that back in the sixties a call came out to Jilly Rizzo, proprietor of FS's famous watering hole "Jilly"s" to supply a group of musicians for a gig at Ceasar's Palace, in Las Vegas.

At the time Bobby Cole was the house pianist at Jilly's and was given the assignment of putting together a group of musicians that at one time or another had played Jilly's.

Violinist John Blair was recruited along with other regulars and Bobby, the band, Jack Lonshein, Danny (the roadie)and jazzman4133 all flew out to Vegas.

Bobby played opposite B.B. King in the second main room and it was a glorious week. Sinatra was rumored to fly in for the weekend as he was a long time admirer of BC. He never did show up but Jilly was there in all his splendor.

Danny frolicked in the Vegas desert after he found a deserted couch in the sand and insisted on a nude photo shoot. A swell time was had by all.


Cover picture of Bobby's 2nd CD for

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